LORAZEPAM FOR SALE, Yesterday, the Department of Interior announced that for Fiscal Year 2013, the federal government collected $14.2 billion in revenue from oil and gas development on public lands and waters. Comprar en línea LORAZEPAM, comprar LORAZEPAM baratos, Interior attributes much of the surge—which amounted to the second highest revenues collected to date—to interest in drilling in both the Gulf of Mexico and onshore, and widespread use of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling to access previously inaccessible oil and gas reserves, buy LORAZEPAM no prescription. LORAZEPAM price, But there’s more to the story. As Interior’s press release stated: The FY 2013 increase in disbursements is attributed primarily to $2.77 billion in bonus bids received for new oil and gas leases in federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico, buy LORAZEPAM without prescription. Buy no prescription LORAZEPAM online, That includes two lease sales in FY 2013 and one sale in FY 2012 that was adjudicated in 2013, when the disbursements were made, doses LORAZEPAM work. Overall disbursements totaled $12.15 billion in FY 2012, LORAZEPAM FOR SALE. Buy LORAZEPAM from mexico, Sources at the Department of Interior informed SAFE that a significant portion of lease sale 222 in June 2012 was only partially processed that fiscal year, and $1.4 billion of revenues from that sale was put on the books for 2013, LORAZEPAM cost. LORAZEPAM images, In other words, actual Gulf of Mexico bonus bids for FY 2013 alone came to $1.3 billion, rx free LORAZEPAM, Order LORAZEPAM from United States pharmacy, considerably less than Interior’s $2.77 billion number which includes revenue first secured in 2012. Long processing times are part of Interior’s extended evaluation following lease sales to ensure minimum revenue requirements are being satisfied, where can i order LORAZEPAM without prescription, Order LORAZEPAM online c.o.d, and resulted in the majority of a $1.6 billion lease sale from June 2012 being adjudicated to FY 2013.

However, LORAZEPAM description, LORAZEPAM canada, mexico, india, while $1.4 billion of FY 2012’s revenues didn’t hurt this year’s haul, there’s another significant factor at play: oil prices, is LORAZEPAM addictive. LORAZEPAM FOR SALE, Data on oil prices and bonus bid levels reflect a staggering trend in recent years, as high oil prices have driven competition among oil producers to capture select tracts of land. LORAZEPAM mg, The graph at left may fail to capture the magnitude of this trend in the last two years, as Interior has not yet updated these figures for FY2013 (stay tuned for updated charts), buy LORAZEPAM online no prescription. Fast shipping LORAZEPAM, Bonus bids are only one of several revenue sources driven by energy development on public lands. Auctioning of land parcels drives bonus bid revenues and additional revenues are earned through royalties and rent payments (royalty fees are 12.5 percent of the value of oil or gas which is removed or sold from leased land; rental fees are $1.50 per acre for the first five years of the lease and increasing to $2 for additional years), LORAZEPAM class. LORAZEPAM coupon, Knowing where the money comes from, we can also see where the money goes, kjøpe LORAZEPAM på nett, köpa LORAZEPAM online.

As data from Interior’s Office of Natural Resources Revenue show, revenue from natural resource leasing is allocated to a combination of funds, including American Indian Tribes, the Reclamation Fund, the Historic Preservation Fund, the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LCWF), and state shares, with the remainder of these funds going to the United States Treasury, LORAZEPAM FOR SALE. Order LORAZEPAM online overnight delivery no prescription, In 2012, the LCWF was funded to the tune of $897 million, buy cheap LORAZEPAM no rx, LORAZEPAM alternatives, while Treasury took $6 billion.

Important to note: in 2012, LORAZEPAM forum, LORAZEPAM duration, oil and gas accounted for 85 percent of the government’s total natural resource revenues, but much of federal lands and waters that have the potential to be prolific sources of oil and gas production remain inaccessible to producers, where can i find LORAZEPAM online. No prescription LORAZEPAM online, Specifically, the Eastern Gulf of Mexico, LORAZEPAM long term, the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf, and the Pacific Outer Continental Shelf possess tremendous resources but remain off-limits. Wood Mackenzie projects that the regions would produce 1.6 mbd, 0.5 mbd, and 0.9 mbd of oil equivalent, respectively, within the coming decades if exploration and production began immediately. LORAZEPAM FOR SALE, Collectively, these sources would add 3 mbd—an increase of more than 30 percent from current production levels. Wood Mackenzie’s study also projected production royalties from adding the Eastern Gulf of Mexico and Pacific OCS would add $5.8 billion in royalties alone (not including bonus bids or rent payments, or the Atlantic OCS) by 2030.

With these considerations in mind, we revisit the idea of the Energy Security Trust, SAFE’s policy proposal which recommends expanding oil and gas production on federal lands and allocating a portion of the revenues to fund basic research for oil displacement technologies including natural gas and electric vehicles. President Obama endorsed a version of this proposal in his State of the Union address, and Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, has introduced a similar plan. A recent OpEd in the Washington Examiner, SAFE has an energy proposal that merits bipartisan support, highlights the key points. From the Examiner:

From alternative resource projects to the Keystone XL pipeline, energy proposals from both political parties often fail for lack of bipartisan support. Consequently, a party usually needs to control both houses of Congress before such proposals can be enacted, LORAZEPAM FOR SALE. But leaders of Securing America’s Future Energy, a nonpartisan advocacy group, hope to break this stalemate with an approach they believe could receive support from Democrats and Republicans alike.

The SAFE proposal would allow oil and gas extraction on some federal lands, and also help develop alternative energy sources. “As we open up new federal lands for new drilling, we need to divert some of that new revenue to research and development to accelerate the use of some of these alternatives,” said Ken Blackwell, a senior adviser to SAFE and former Ohio Secretary of State.

“We’ve got the potential that no nation in the world has ever experienced — and that is to have more natural resources in terms of our petroleum reserves, our natural gas reserves and our coal reserves,” said retired Gen. James Conway, a member of SAFE’s Energy Security Leadership Council. “And it calls out for a national strategic energy plan.” (Read the rest of the OpEd here).

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