BUY CIALIS SOFT PILLS OVER THE COUNTER, This week, the American Petroleum Institute and National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) expressed once again their frustration with the process surrounding drilling on the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf (OCS).

The Atlantic OCS region was included in the five year plan put forward by the Department of Interior under the Bush administration. CIALIS SOFT PILLS trusted pharmacy reviews, However, to the chagrin of industry, CIALIS SOFT PILLS reviews, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, the plan was revised under the Obama administration for 2012-2017 and now excludes the region.  It is also worth noting that while current estimates of the oil and gas reserves in the planning area are underwhelming, they are based on seismic surveys from the 1980s, taking CIALIS SOFT PILLS. Buy CIALIS SOFT PILLS without prescription, Seismic imaging technology has improved dramatically since then, and industry is optimistic that the area may contain more reserves than currently understood, buy generic CIALIS SOFT PILLS. Is CIALIS SOFT PILLS addictive, In March of this year, the U.S, buy CIALIS SOFT PILLS online no prescription. CIALIS SOFT PILLS canada, mexico, india, Department of the Interior set the stage for the first seismic evaluation of potential oil and gas resources off the South and Mid-Atlantic coasts in more than 30 years in its draft programmatic environmental impact statement (EIS). The plans call for approval of a final EIS by the end of this year—which appears to have been pushed back to early 2014, BUY CIALIS SOFT PILLS OVER THE COUNTER. This means the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) would not begin soliciting bids from companies to conduct seismic research until mid-2014 at the earliest, CIALIS SOFT PILLS no rx. Rx free CIALIS SOFT PILLS, The Interior Secretary at the time, Kenneth Salazar, CIALIS SOFT PILLS over the counter, CIALIS SOFT PILLS no prescription, stated, “There is significant interest in doing seismic exploration in the Atlantic, after CIALIS SOFT PILLS. Where can i cheapest CIALIS SOFT PILLS online, The information we have is 30 years old. There will be 15 public hearings in the 8 states along the Mid- and South-Atlantic over the next 2 months.” However, purchase CIALIS SOFT PILLS, CIALIS SOFT PILLS online cod, that decision presently rests largely with current Secretary Sally Jewell, and industry is unsure where her priorities lie with regard to offshore drilling, CIALIS SOFT PILLS brand name. BUY CIALIS SOFT PILLS OVER THE COUNTER, The oil industry is pressuring the Department to include the Atlantic OCS in the 2017-2022 five-year plan, which Interior is currently drafting. Get CIALIS SOFT PILLS, There is a clear disconnect between industry and government on this issue as the Interior Department wishes to review geophysical research (namely, seismic surveys) to get a sense of the region’s oil and gas resources before making decisions about lease sales or schedules.  However, CIALIS SOFT PILLS maximum dosage, Where can i find CIALIS SOFT PILLS online, it is unlikely that surveys can be completed before the Department begins narrowing which regions are included. The process of determining which areas are included within a five-year plan has been described as an inverted triangle, purchase CIALIS SOFT PILLS for sale, Online buy CIALIS SOFT PILLS without a prescription, with a large number of regions considered in the beginning and slowly narrowed over time. When BOEM removed drilling leases from the current five-year plan, where to buy CIALIS SOFT PILLS, Kjøpe CIALIS SOFT PILLS på nett, köpa CIALIS SOFT PILLS online, it left the door open for seismic surveys.  Industry called the move an “empty gesture,” since comprehensive surveys cost over $100 million and oil producers would be hesitant to purchase the research without any actual lease sales, CIALIS SOFT PILLS use. Order CIALIS SOFT PILLS no prescription, Even if BOEM releases the final EIS of seismic surveys as currently planned (and after a number of delays) in early 2014, it will likely be a number of years before seismic research can begin thanks to litigation and individual permit reviews, order CIALIS SOFT PILLS online overnight delivery no prescription. On the current timeline, industry is concerned that by the time geologic research has been completed, government will have already eliminated the Atlantic OCS from the five year plan, BUY CIALIS SOFT PILLS OVER THE COUNTER. CIALIS SOFT PILLS gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Tommy Beaudreau, Director of BOEM, CIALIS SOFT PILLS from canadian pharmacy, has indicated that Interior is open to including the Atlantic OCS in the coming five-year plan even before seismic surveys have been completed.

It’s safe to say that industry is skeptical. In the draft EIS released last year, BOEM offered the following possible outcomes for the final decision on seismic surveys:

Alternative A: Proposed Action Recommended by BOEM – Allow all requested G&G activities from the shore out to 350 nautical miles, with mitigations that include the following:

  • time-area closure for North Atlantic right whales’ seasonal management areas (SMAs) to avoid vessel strikes and acoustic disturbances to sensitive calving/nursery areas;

    • Mid-Atlantic SMA from November 1 to April 30

    • Southeast SMA from November 15 to April 15

  • a seismic airgun survey protocol encouraging use of “passive acoustic monitoring” (use of microphones to detect ocean wildlife and avoid using airguns in their presence);

  • a high resolution graphics (HRG) survey protocol (for renewable energy and marine minerals sites);

  • guidance for vessel strike avoidance;

  • guidance for marine debris awareness;

  • avoidance and reporting of historic and prehistoric sites;

  • avoidance of sensitive benthic (seabed) communities;

  • guidance for activities in or near National Marine Sanctuaries (NMSs); and

  • guidance for military and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) coordination.

Alternative B: In addition to the mitigations in the recommended course of action: expand the time/area closures for right whale SMAs, closure of areas in central Florida for nesting sea turtles, separation of simultaneous seismic surveys by doubling the distance requirement (to 20 nmi), and “requiring” instead of “encouraging” passive acoustic monitoring.

Alternative C: No action for oil and gas G&G; maintain status quo for renewable energy and marine minerals G&G in which activities are authorized on a case-by-case basis.

Although the federal waters of the Atlantic Ocean are technically open for oil exploration, drilling leases can only be obtained through purchase in government auctions, and none of these sales are planned in the area through mid-August 2017.

SAFE recommends expediting the process of conducting seismic research and holding lease sales in the Atlantic OCS--and capturing revenue from lease sales and bonus bids to fund basic research into petroleum alternatives in the transportation sector as part of its Energy Security Trust proposal.

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