EVISTA FOR SALE, Canada consistently ranks among the top oil producers in the world and the US is currently expanding domestic exploration and production of oil. Mexico, it seems, EVISTA pictures, is eager to follow the North American trend and boost their production as well. Cheap EVISTA no rx, Based on a Wall Street Journal article, Mexico’s President, Enrique Peña Nieto, EVISTA alternatives, is looking to privatize the oil sector in the coming months. Order EVISTA no prescription, This is big news considering that Mexico’s oil sector has been public since 1938 and they have some of the world’s most restrictive energy laws, second only to North Korea (according to the Wall Street journal). However, after EVISTA, this change seems inevitable given that Mexico oil production has plateaued at 2.5 million barrels a day (mbd), EVISTA interactions, significantly lower than their 2004 production peak of 3.5 mbd.

The government hopes to extract billions of dollars through both production and investment, EVISTA FOR SALE. International oil companies (IOCs) will be able to participate in profit sharing deals and joint ventures along with Mexico’s national company Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex). This privatization will apply only to deep ocean production and shale gas and oil production, my EVISTA experience, leaving shallow-water and on shore production in the hands of Pemex. Get EVISTA, Bringing in private oil companies will allow Mexico to tap into the deep ocean and shale reserves that, so far, they have been unable to fully exploit, EVISTA samples. If they can start production within these reserves it may prevent them from becoming a net importer, Buy no prescription EVISTA online, a situation that is forecasted to happen by 2020 unless Mexico makes radical changes to their oil sector. EVISTA FOR SALE, While Mexico has a strong history of a public oil sector, over the past few decades the Mexican government has been eager to see some changes. In fact, one of the reasons President Nieto was elected was due to his promise to revamp the oil laws in Mexico, where can i buy cheapest EVISTA online.

This change to Mexico’s production may have big benefits for the country’s economy. EVISTA mg, It has been shown, on a global scale, that private oil companies outperform public ones, where can i order EVISTA without prescription. The top graph below shows the production of the top five International Oil Companies (IOCs). All of them operate as private companies and all of them operate on a global scale, EVISTA FOR SALE. Order EVISTA online c.o.d, This graph also shows that even the top oil companies have been experiencing a decline in production since 2004. This decline in production means private companies are eager to embark on new exploration and production projects. The bottom graph shows that most of the global oil reserves are controlled by national companies, low dose EVISTA. With the large oil companies looking to produce more, Real brand EVISTA online, and the small national companies holding the reserves, this puts Mexico (and other national companies) in a competitive place to gain investment from IOCs.

EVISTA FOR SALE, The issues that Mexico is facing are similarly observed in other nationalized oil sectors. Venezuela is one of the best examples of what can happen when a country implements a public oil sector, EVISTA brand name. In 1999 the state took over ownership of the oil sector and private companies were turned into public ones. Purchase EVISTA, Like many petro-states, Venezuela has an oil sector that blurs the line between public and private. While the sector is nationalized, EVISTA pics, Venezuela still holds close ties with some international oil companies and allows part of their production to be outsourced. The national company, Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), has experienced a decrease in productivity and an increase in government taxes per barrel of oil, EVISTA FOR SALE. EVISTA canada, mexico, india, With oil being the largest grossing industry in Venezuela, the government holds extreme fiscal power by controlling the oil industry. There have been issues with government corruption that are driven by their power over the oil sector, generic EVISTA.

Some of these issues seen in Venezuela have been echoed in Mexico. What is EVISTA, Like many public oil companies, the Mexican government taxes Pemex at an extremely high rate in order to increase government revenue. EVISTA FOR SALE, This has been one of the reasons Pemex has been unable to fund deep ocean and shale production. Instead of reinvesting revenue back into the company for R&D, order EVISTA from mexican pharmacy, the money goes to social services. Doses EVISTA work, If privatizing the sector can increase investment, it will allow funds to go toward projects aimed at exploring and exploiting these reserves. This is also beneficial for the Mexican government because if Pemex revenue goes up, EVISTA no prescription, so does the government’s tax revenue. EVISTA pharmacy, Other countries have moved from a public to private sector in the past and have seen huge results. An example of this is Petrobras, the national oil company of Brazil, EVISTA FOR SALE. In 1997 the government decided to partially privatize the oil sector and to allow IOCs into Brazil. From 1997 to 2003 Brazil was able to double their production outputs, EVISTA results. While Petrobras still controls the majority of oil production in Brazil, Kjøpe EVISTA på nett, köpa EVISTA online, opening the sector to some outside competition has allowed their production to grow. Brazil, like Mexico, EVISTA recreational, has large offshore reserves (pre-salts) that they are in the process of exploring and extracting. EVISTA FOR SALE, The investment and technology that the private companies brought to Brazil has allowed them to explore these more complex projects. Taking EVISTA, While this production boom will help them domestically, an increase in oil production in Mexico will also be valuable to the US. It is likely that many of the exports from the increased production will be sent to US refineries. This will help Mexico’s economy and will improve North American energy security as a whole.

Although privatization is an opportunity for Mexico to modernize and augment its industry and maximize the value of its substantial oil reserves, changing the oil laws will be met with resistance. It is extremely important that the government has support from the Nation Action Party, and other conservative groups in government. These groups will have more of an issue with the transformation since the oil sector has long stood as a symbol of nationalism in Mexico. It seems like Mexico is following the path to a privatized sector, but there will be obstacles in the way before these changes can be made.

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