BUY CELEBREX NO PRESCRIPTION, In the past two weeks, the editorial pages of the New York Times (Corn for Food, Not Fuel), Washington Post (Congress’s wrongheaded approach to drought relief), and Wall Street Journal (The Ethanol Mandate is Worse than the Drought), have all found something to agree on: when corn supplies are crunched, the federal ethanol mandate does far more harm than good. Buy CELEBREX online cod, Almost all gasoline currently sold in the United States is a 10 percent ethanol blend, known as E10, low dose CELEBREX. CELEBREX no rx, This dramatic increase of ethanol blending, up from approximately 3 percent in 2003, CELEBREX pharmacy, Ordering CELEBREX online, has largely been the result of the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS), the federal biofuels production mandate, cheap CELEBREX. CELEBREX duration, The Environmental Protection Agency updates the mandate every year in accordance with the guidelines laid out in the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act, and to accommodate production capabilities and anticipated demand for liquid fuels, CELEBREX description. Buy generic CELEBREX, This year’s mandate is for 13.2 billion gallons of corn ethanol from 4.7 billion bushels of corn—40 percent of this year’s corn crop. The graph below shows the increase in share of corn crop allocated to fuel alcohol production, BUY CELEBREX NO PRESCRIPTION.

This year, purchase CELEBREX online no prescription, CELEBREX dangers, a severe drought sweeping the Midwest has blighted the corn crop to its lowest yield in 15 years, and the mandate is unsustainably large, CELEBREX over the counter. Purchase CELEBREX online, Corn shortages are driving up prices of both corn based foods and corn fed livestock (which is the majority of livestock raised in the country). Since the beginning of the RFS, CELEBREX from canadian pharmacy, Order CELEBREX online c.o.d, the policy has been accused of driving up food prices (the graph below shows how corn and soybean prices have risen and begun to track petroleum prices since the passage of RFS1 in 2005, and the current RFS2 in 2007, buy cheap CELEBREX. Order CELEBREX from United States pharmacy, Soybean prices are shown because they are the principal feedstock in biodiesel, another biofuel mandated under RFS2), kjøpe CELEBREX på nett, köpa CELEBREX online. BUY CELEBREX NO PRESCRIPTION, Now, for the first time, the RFS is seen as driving up retail gasoline prices as well. Purchase CELEBREX for sale, The Wall Street Journal reported last week that pump prices, which jumped 5.1 percent in July—their largest increase for that month in twelve years—were due in part to the high price of ethanol, CELEBREX over the counter. CELEBREX mg, Record corn prices witnessed this summer caused ethanol prices to jump 37.9 cents last month, an increase of 17 percent, CELEBREX no prescription. CELEBREX treatment, According to AAA, average gasoline prices rose 17 cents a gallon over the course of July, where to buy CELEBREX, CELEBREX pics, and about 4-5 cents of this increase was attributable to ethanol prices.

All this is not to say that blending ethanol into gasoline doesn’t have advantages, buy CELEBREX online cod, Where can i cheapest CELEBREX online, and that biofuels should not be part of our long term energy strategy. Ethanol is a renewable liquid fuel, its feedstock is domestically produced, and it improves the combustion of gasoline as an oxygenate, BUY CELEBREX NO PRESCRIPTION. Furthermore, CELEBREX for sale, Rx free CELEBREX, although ethanol is almost entirely produced from corn in the United States, it can be produced from other feedstocks, buy CELEBREX from canada, such as forest refuse, switchgrass, corn stover, and municipal solid waste. The Department of Energy is currently collaborating with a number of companies to deploy commercial scale ethanol plants capable of utilizing these non-food feedstocks. However, across all feedstocks, there are distinct shortcomings to biofuels as the solution to our energy security challenges. Biofuels act as direct substitutes for their petroleum based counterparts, and as such are unable to remove the price fluctuations from fuel markets. As we have seen this month, they can even exacerbate already unpredictable gas prices. Clearly, it is necessary to give serious consideration to the value of the renewable fuels standard in its current, inflexible form as a floor based mandate. The RFS is not only driving up food prices, but bringing additional volatility into the fuel market—costs that American homes and businesses can ill afford.


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