BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION, Wind turbines:  They disrupt the lifestyles of bats and now they contribute, in a very small way, to global warming.  Today's WSJ has an interesting piece by Robert Lee Hotz, reporting that large "wind farms slightly increase temperatures near the ground as the turbines' rotor blades pull down warm air, according to researchers who analyzed nine years of satellite readings around four of the world's biggest wind farms."

Ever since wind energy came on the scene, questions have been raised about their impacts on local weather.  It stands to reason that diverting wind from its old pattern of whistling down the plain to make electricity would have SOME type of impact on weather patterns.  Now comes this study, that "showed for the first time that wind farms of a certain scale, while producing clean, renewable energy, do have some long-term effect on the immediate environment."

This is a first, at least for your writer.  And the methodology seems sound:

"Using sensors aboard a NASA satellite, researchers at the University at Albany-State University of New York, and the University of Illinois systematically tracked a cluster of wind farms in central Texas as the installations grew from a few dozen turbines in 2003 to more than 2,350 by 2011.

On average, the nighttime air around the wind farms became about 0.72 degree Celsius warmer over that time, compared with the surrounding area, the scientists reported Sunday in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Climate Change."

Far from earth-shattering -- and clearly offering no reason to shy away from wind energy -- today's report once again demonstrates two things:  1) The law of unintended consequences is real; and, 2) there is no impact-free technology we can use to harness energy.  The net effect of wind farms is of course still overwhelmingly positive, but let's not pretend that it is uniformly so. CIALIS long term. CIALIS coupon. CIALIS gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Is CIALIS addictive. CIALIS blogs. CIALIS no prescription. Purchase CIALIS online no prescription. Online buying CIALIS. CIALIS from canadian pharmacy. Comprar en línea CIALIS, comprar CIALIS baratos. Where can i buy CIALIS online. Canada, mexico, india. CIALIS treatment. CIALIS dangers. Buying CIALIS online over the counter. CIALIS for sale. CIALIS no rx. What is CIALIS. Buy generic CIALIS. Buy CIALIS online cod. Buy CIALIS online no prescription. CIALIS use. CIALIS forum. Buy CIALIS without a prescription. CIALIS price, coupon. Where can i find CIALIS online. Generic CIALIS. CIALIS brand name. CIALIS images. CIALIS street price.

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