News of unrest in the Middle East and North Africa continued to dominate headlines this week and fears of rising oil and gas prices were realized here in the United States as oil jumped above $100 a barrel BUY MOTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION, .  This is certainly not the first time Americans have experienced anxiety over oil supply and cost; however, an oil crisis today would severely damage the fragile state of the U.S. economy and derail what modest recovery has been made. MOTRIN schedule, Crude prices continue to fluctuate around turmoil in the Middle East, and for all intents and purposes, there is nothing that can be done.   This is the truism of oil dependence: once the crisis hits, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, it is too late.  But perhaps the effects of the next crisis, MOTRIN coupon, and the one after it, can be mitigated.  We can take action to reduce our addiction on oil, and events overseas make it clear that we must.  While Congress has continued to play political brinkmanship over the budget, discount MOTRIN, chaos in the Middle East has only begun to affect the national and economic security of America. MOTRIN steet value, This week, members of SAFE’s Energy Security Leadership Council (ESLC) and former Senator Byron Dorgan urged Congress to move forward on critical legislation designed to combat the national security and economic threats posed by our dangerous and ongoing dependence on petroleum.   General Charles F, where can i buy MOTRIN online. Wald, USAF (Ret.), Former Deputy Commander of U.S, BUY MOTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION. European Command, Low dose MOTRIN, highlighted that this is not the first time America’s reliance on oil has been affected by events in the Middle East and North Africa:  “We’ve had several wake-up calls in the past.  Two hundred million barrels of oil go through the Suez Canal every day.  There’s no threat to that today, but the potential of that happening at any moment is daunting.  It is time for our country to become less dependent on imported oil.”

Events in the Middle East are real, real brand MOTRIN online, with actual consequences for America and its consumers.  Congress can, Order MOTRIN no prescription, and must, move forward with legislation that will increase domestic production, promote electrification of our transportation system, taking MOTRIN, and maximize our use of renewable energy.  Without this action, MOTRIN samples, we will only continue our long history of dependence on foreign oil and set ourselves up for a similar, if not worse, situation in the future, no prescription MOTRIN online.

See below for coverage of SAFE’s Middle East Energy Security conference call. Buy MOTRIN online cod, E&E News
Annie Snider
ENERGY POLICY: Mideast unrest should be 'wake-up call,' energy security advocates warn

The series of uprisings throughout the Middle East that prompted oil prices to spike above $100 a barrel this week should be a sharp reminder that relying on foreign energy supplies is dangerous and unsustainable, a group of military, purchase MOTRIN online no prescription, business and policy leaders warned yesterday. BUY MOTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION, "I think as we see the events in Africa and North Africa and into the Middle East itself, it's just another reminder of how fragile the stability of that region is -- that's in itself a daunting issue, but from the standpoint of our energy security, it's even more important," retired Air Force Gen. MOTRIN australia, uk, us, usa, Charles Wald told reporters yesterday on a call sponsored by the energy security group Securing America's Future Energy.

"We've had several wake-up calls in the past; it is time for our country to become less dependent on imported oil," said Wald, buy cheap MOTRIN no rx, who designed the original war plans for the 1986 bombing raid of Libya when he was serving as deputy commander of U.S. MOTRIN for sale, European Command.

The Defense Department is the largest energy user in the federal government, which itself is the largest single user of energy in the country, about MOTRIN. That means the military feels supply disruptions and price spikes acutely, BUY MOTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION.

Every $10 increase in the price of oil costs DOD an additional $1.3 billion, MOTRIN overnight, according to a study by the Pew Project on National Security, Energy and Climate. President Obama's 2012 budget proposal assumes a $131 price for a barrel of oil, MOTRIN price, coupon.

Then there's the challenge of getting the fuel to where you need it. MOTRIN australia, uk, us, usa, Amid the upheaval in the Middle East, analysts have been closely watching strategically important choke points like the Suez Canal and the Strait of Hormuz. BUY MOTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION, So far, there haven't been any reported disruptions to oil shipments, but the new Egyptian government may take a different approach from its predecessor when it comes to controlling the canal, as was evident on Tuesday when it allowed two Iranian warships to pass through.

"Two hundred million barrels of oil go through the Suez Canal every day, buy MOTRIN without prescription," Wald said. Purchase MOTRIN online, "There's no threat to that today, but the potential of that happening at any moment is daunting."

Economic security implications

National security is in many ways predicated on economic security, which is also threatened by dependence on foreign oil, MOTRIN from canadian pharmacy, the energy security advocates said yesterday. MOTRIN wiki, "It is one of the United States' greatest economic risks to be tethered to these increasing supplies of imported petroleum from unstable and often unfriendly parts of the world," said FedEx Corp. chief Frederick Smith, MOTRIN results.

FedEx has been actively working to move its own fleet off oil, BUY MOTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION. According to Smith, MOTRIN online cod, the company is currently operating 450 hybrid electric pickup and delivery trucks and is in what he describes as "the nascent stages" of incorporating electric vehicles into its fleet.

But beyond the impact higher oil prices have on his company's own operations, Smith says he is concerned that the spike will drain money from American purchasing power, MOTRIN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release.

"The rising price of oil acts like a tax on the U.S. Real brand MOTRIN online, consumer at the rate of about $75 billion taken out of our purchasing power for every $10 increase in the price of a barrel of oil," he said. BUY MOTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Turning security concerns into energy policy

In the more than three decades since President Carter called the 1970s oil crisis "the moral equivalent of war," lawmakers have struggled to parlay broadly recognized energy security concerns into policy action.

Former Sen, MOTRIN pictures. Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.) tried yet again yesterday.

"This is not some mysterious illness for which we don't know the cure," said Dorgan, who was a strong advocate for electric vehicles during his tenure on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. "We know what the situation is, we know how vulnerable we are, and the fact is, we know how to fix it."

But as Congress battles to move forward on energy policy, the markets and the military are moving out now.

The Defense Department has set near-term goals to cut each of its services' energy use and switch to alternative sources, BUY MOTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION. The Navy and Air Force are certifying their ship and aircraft fleets to run on biofuels, and by the end of the decade, the Navy plans to get half of the energy it uses from alternative sources.

"All you have to do is read the headlines every day to see why we need to do this," Navy Secretary Ray Mabus told Reuters earlier this week. "Just from the situation in Libya, oil prices have gone up more than $7 a barrel."

Meanwhile, market analysts will continue to watch closely for signs that civil disorder is spreading to larger oil-producing countries. Hints of unrest in Saudi Arabia would likely send prices climbing and threaten the global economic recovery.


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