EFFEXOR FOR SALE, Last week, former Secretary of the Interior and two-time Alaska Governor Walter Hickel died at the age of 90.  As Secretary of the Interior in from 1969-1970, he played an important role in our nation’s energy and environmental history. EFFEXOR used for, When appointed to the Interior position by President Nixon, Hickel was viewed skeptically by environmentalists.  He was viewed as pro-business, EFFEXOR from canada, EFFEXOR overnight, and a few weeks before his confirmation hearing, he said that he was opposed to “conservation for conservation’s sake.”

Yet, EFFEXOR over the counter, EFFEXOR photos, when confronted with the reality of one of the nation’s biggest environmental disasters to that point in time, the 1969 oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara, fast shipping EFFEXOR, EFFEXOR without prescription, he surprised his skeptics, and issued stricter standards for offshore drilling.  When, discount EFFEXOR, Real brand EFFEXOR online, the following year, a Chevron platform in the Gulf of Mexico had a large spill, canada, mexico, india, Buy EFFEXOR no prescription, he pressed the Department of Justice to sue Chevron for over 900 violations of the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act of 1953. His conversion seemed complete, ordering EFFEXOR online, Online EFFEXOR without a prescription, when, in 1970, EFFEXOR duration, EFFEXOR for sale, before the National petroleum Council, he stated that we need to “find new ways, rx free EFFEXOR, EFFEXOR treatment, better ways of doing business so that our industries can prosper and our environment flourish at the same time.” He noted that “[t]he right to produce is not the right to pollute.  America must prove to itself as well as to others worldwide that it has the ability to clean up the garbage it has left in its wake.”

The Santa Barbara spill is recognized as one of the events that catalyzed the environmental movement.  Yet, EFFEXOR reviews, Purchase EFFEXOR online, though its effects are long-standing, as that spill effectively froze offshore exploration and development off the West coast for 40 years, EFFEXOR steet value, EFFEXOR results, it did not kill offshore drilling outright.  Secretary Hickel looked at the facts and decided to tighten standards and enforce them rather than entirely abandon an important resource.

It is clear that three weeks have now passed since the loss of the Deepwater Horizon, EFFEXOR australia, uk, us, usa, EFFEXOR brand name, and BP clearly is having trouble stemming the flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.  In addition to the efforts to stop the flow of oil and to minimize the consequences, the Administration has suspended the issuance of new drilling permits in the Gulf.  That is appropriate.  We need to take time to understand what happened, EFFEXOR no prescription.

But, at this point, it seems as if we are going to keep drilling.  It is critical that we pass tightened environmental standards for offshore drilling to minimize the future risk of oil spills in our precious waters that can destroy vulnerable coastlines.  Though nothing can ever be risk free, we must minimize the risks.  But at that point, drilling will likely resume, EFFEXOR FOR SALE. EFFEXOR images, As depicted below, oil production in the Gulf of Mexico represents a substantial – and growing – percentage of all oil produced in the United States.  With an ongoing need for nearly 20 million barrels of oil a day to keep our economy running, EFFEXOR gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, EFFEXOR description, and a growing need for natural gas as a lower carbon fuel in a world of carbon emission regulation, it seems unlikely that we will abandon this increasingly important resource.  This prediction is reinforced by the fact that off-shore production supports tens of thousands of high-paying jobs and decreases the by reducing the need for imported oil, comprar en línea EFFEXOR, comprar EFFEXOR baratos. Online buy EFFEXOR without a prescription,

Although the politics could change quickly depending on what happens to the ongoing spill, at the moment, order EFFEXOR from mexican pharmacy, the public chatter about the spill.  Congressional leaders met with industry executives last week, but did not call for an end to drilling. Here.   The New York Times, last week, acknowledged that we will need to continue drilling. And even some environmental groups that have called for an end to offshore drilling in the past or who have generally opposed offshore drilling  have not called for an end to existing offshore oil production so in response to the current situation.  Here, here, here, here.

Let’s just hope that in deciding how to move forward that we, like Wally Hickel, learn from what has happened, and tighten environmental standards, and then enforce them properly.

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